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Can I make money bonus hunting online casinos?

Question: Can I make money bonus hunting online casinos?

Answer: Before we answer, this is one of the more popular questions we get on the site. Since Casino Bonuses Now does a good job of listing casino bonuses, it is only natural that players that are hunting for bonuses will want to find as many as they can get. 

The reality is it is still possible today to make money as a bonus hunter but it is something that we don't particular advise or recommend doing. There are numerous players that start playing online casinos with the hope of making money but when they don't play with a proper system, they can end up chasing loses and turn into a gambler. If earning a profit is your sole means of wanting to play online casinos, we would advise choosing something that is far less risk averse. So if you want to make money online, try something else like freelancing, becoming a webmaster or maybe join a Bitcoin membership community

Bitcoin membership community

Bankroll requirements

You obviously need money to make money unless you are starting off with no budget at all. In this case your only chance of earning money is with no deposit bonuses or no deposit free spins for new players. It is possible to do the same with slots free rolls although these take more time to actually cashout and have more competition to deal with. Otherwise you'll need a bankroll balance to start with as most casinos have signup bonuses that can range from 50% to over 100% of your deposit amount. There are limits of how much these bonuses are worth so you have to always check the fine print. Obviously for 5 bonuses that are $100 or 100 EUR and are 100%, this would give you $500 to 500 EUR in bonus money so your bankroll is already determined. 

Signup Deposit Bonuses

Signup bonuses for online casinos are the most popular bonus around. Unfortunately these are the best bonuses that you typically only get once. Once you have used that signup bonus, you cannot claim it again and many casinos are very strict about ensuring you don't claim multiple bonuses. If you attempt to claim multiple bonuses and the casino catches you doing this, any winnings could be made void as they are usually violating the terms and conditions of the bonus and casino. 

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Slots, Blackjack, Video Poker, Roulette and other games

Most bonuses are for slots when you use for signup bonuses, free spins or even no deposit bonuses. There are however many signup bonuses for blackjack, video poker and roulette and you can find them in our bonus categories by game