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New Casinos 2020

Welcome to our page of new online casinos launched in 2020. We list any new casino that is getting launched if you like to stay up do date and try something new and different.

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If you want to find a new casino, bookmark this page or make sure you have joined our newsletter or discussing in our casino forum (this thread has new casinos listed). We keep you up to date with the hottest newest casinos launched in 2019.

About our list of New Casinos

We will review almost all new online casinos whether they are good or bad however we do thorough research on every new casino and we check for the following information:

  • review their terms and conditions for fairness
  • check ratings at
  • check to see if they pay players and how long it takes for payment
  • check casino company information

If the casinos pass this test, then we'll proceed to list and publish their casino bonuses. If you don't see any bonuses listed for a specific casino it would mean one of two things: 1. the casino doesn't accept players from your country and the bonuses are geo blocked or 2. the casino isn't a good one and we won't list bonuses of a site where we think you'll encounter a player problem.

Judge a casino by their terms & conditions

Can you judge a casino by their terms and conditions? Of course! Simply put, players want to know the important bits of info in any terms and conditions however nobody wants to take the time to read it. This is why you trust affiliate sites like this one to look out for players. A sign of a low quality casino will reveal terms and conditions that more or less give them power to close your account and confiscate your bonus for weak reasons where they don't have to give you a real answer. Unfortunately, this is a common problem in the online gambling industry where affiliate websites care more about their affiliate commissions than in looking out for players. So it is always one of the most important steps to inspect terms and conditions and much can be learned from it such as:

  • see for identical terms and conditions at other casinos to discover associations between other good or bad casinos
  • see if they have vague terms and conditions that allow for the casino to close your account or void bonus winnings for weak reasons
  • see if they limit cashout amounts on a weekly or monthly basis. A sign of a casino that doesn't have a lot of money for players would be one that has a limit of how much they can pay out. Casinos like this should be avoided at all costs!

Casino company information and licensing

Almost all casinos should list their gaming licenses and information about the company on the site. For ones that don't do this, you should be very suspicious and question if the casino is even a legitimate one. Some casinos might be white label casinos where they technically have the same ownership but it is really a means of sharing resources. Typically casinos that are white labels don't have a lot of money to pay out players for big wins and they are not always managed well. 

Player payments and complaints

If a player hasn't been paid from a site, you'll typically see a complaint get published at and you can see this on their casino reviews list. They do detailed casino reviews as well and do thorough research on a casino including historical connections with other brands and companies, research of their terms and conditions, test for player payment speed and even the speed in which customer service gets back to help players. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the best newest casinos available in 2020?

At the moment, the newest and hottest casinos around are FastPay Casino and Rabona Casino

Are new casinos a good source for finding new casino bonuses?

Overall most new casinos end up not being as good as they initially appear. That is, many new casinos go out of business in their first year so it is hard to make a judgement call on a site that needs time to prove to players that they are in it for the long run.