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Monthly Casino Cashback Bonuses

Monthly cashback bonuses are a great way to get rewarded after a month of playing and if you have happened to lose then a monthly cashback can help you redeem yourself. 

Showing bonuses for United States of America
Casino Bonus Name / Bonus Type Bonus Code Time Left
20% Cashback Monthly
Cashback Monthly

Receive up to 20% of your losses back that were incurred on deposits made during the month.

Deposit a minimum of 0.1 BTC bonus-free over the course of the month to qualify.

Cashback is credited directly to your wallet and DO NOT have wagering requirements.

80% of the qualifying deposit must be lost in order to receive the Cashback Bonus.

Terms and Conditions Apply.


Who doesn’t like to get bonuses from time to time? If you are a kind of player that makes bets regularly at a casino and you want to know a way to keep your loses as low as possible, then casinos with monthly cashback bonuses are, without any doubt, the best bet for you. But what exactly are these bonuses? How do they work? How do you claim them? And where do you find them? If you wish to know the answer to all of these questions, please, keep reading this review.

What are Monthly Casino Cashback Bonuses?
A cashback bonus is an offer that casinos give to their players as a “refund”. As you play and bet at a casino’s game, you might find that sometimes you win money and sometimes you lose it, because of this, many casino offer special bonuses that gives you back a percentage of that loses; and in some cases, a casino offers this kind of bonuses once a month, so, you will receive a percentage of your total month’s loses; this way, players can feel encouraged to keep aiming for the jackpot while they get back some of the money that they have already lost.

Cashback offers can vary in size, some of them start at 5% or even 10%, but some of them can go to an incredible 20%, in very rare cases the amount of this bonus increases, but their low percentages comes with the fact that these bonuses can often be claimed multiple times (on the case of regular cashback bonuses), but monthly cashback bonuses, at its name implies, are claimed once every month, but the bonus is based on you month’s total loss, so it is very worthy compared with regular bonuses, especially if you are a recurrent player at the casino.

How to claim a Monthly Cashback Bonus?
In order to get these bonuses you will need to go to the casino’s “promotions” section, from there you must select the cashback bonus that you want and then follow the steps required by the casino. Usually Monthly Cashback bonuses will be accredited automatically as most of the time they are part of a VIP or a loyalty rewards program, but this depends entirely on the casino so, you should be attempt so the date of the month so you can always start with the advantage of the cashback bonus.  

Some casinos include promotional codes on their bonuses and offers, so you should be aware of them too; however if you visit our bonus section or you are looking for bonuses right here, then you won’t have to worry at all as we will include all the important information about the bonus that you want to claim, like for example: wagering requirements, codes, expiration dates, and any other detail if applies.

Why you should claim a Monthly Cashback Bonus?
Apart from being an excellent way of getting some of your lost money back, monthly cashback bonuses (and cashback bonuses in general) usually come with no wagering requirements. A wagering requirement is a multiplier that is applied to the bonus amount and, the total of it equals to the amount of money that must be wagered before you can withdraw any money earned using the bonus money.

The case for monthly cashback bonuses is very different, as it is a bonus based on your personal loses, then it is very common that when you claim this bonus, you won’t get to fulfill any wagering requirements associated with it, but, even though is very rare, it is not impossible to find casinos that offer monthly cashback bonuses with wagering requirements attached nonetheless they usually are very low as well.

Our recommendation is that before claiming any bonus at a casino you are aware of their terms and conditions; on the other hand, if you do not have the time to read the casino’s bonus terms and conditions, we offer the complete, synthetized information of the bonuses that you want here on Casino Bonuses Now!

How does the Monthly Cashback Bonuses work?
After checking all of this information about monthly cashback bonuses, you might be wondering: how do they work? Does casinos just gives you back money just “because”? Well, yes, but actually, no.

As all of the offers that you will find at a casino, they are designed in a way that you want to play more and more at a casino, so are they scams? Absolutely not. Bonuses and promotions are win-win deals, the casinos uses them to keep their players and even gain new ones, and the players use them to get a boost on their bankroll, get some free spins or even get back some of their already lost money as it is the case for cashback bonuses.

As we mentioned before, these kinds of bonuses are “refund” bonuses as they are based entirely on your months loses.  A, example of how do they work is this: imagine that you have lost $2000 at a casino, and you get a cashback bonus of 10% and you decide to claim it, then you will get $200 back to your balance (remember that this bonus is often wager-free).

So, even if it is definitely not a smart tactic to lose money on purpose just to claim a cashback bonus, it is surely the best way to get back some of the money that you bet while trying to get a jackpot a big prize, or that you just bet to have some fun and play a casino game.

Unlike other bonuses (like welcome bonuses, for example) the cashback bonuses are often offered to both new and recurrent players at a casino and most of the time, these bonuses are given as part as a loyalty or VIP program. We will now proceed to discuss this topic at this review.

Players should also be aware as some casinos offer cashback bonuses for specific games (like blackjack, for example) even though this is not a common thing, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Monthly Cashback Bonuses as part of a VIP/Loyalty program
Recently casinos with some kind of VIP or loyalty rewards programs have become a usual thing to find as they are amazing ways of thanking the players for playing. The advantages of being part of a VIP program are a lot, on this matter, some casinos reserve their VIP program for really loyal players and you can only access them via a direct invitation from the admin’s team; however, there are some casinos that lets you be part of their VIP or loyalty program just by creating an account an playing a certain amount of games.

Cashback deals are a must on a VIP program as many of the casinos out there will include this kind of offers on their programs. Some programs offer multi-tier VIP programs, on this cases you will get better perks (and bigger cashback) as you level up or climb the ladder. This programs usually offers 15% or even 20% of limitless cashback bonuses every month, so, you should make sure to check if your favorite casinos have a VIP program and, especially what does that program offer.
Once again if you want to know all the details about any casino (including their VIP program and bonuses) you should check our casino’s section, there you will find the most complete information about thousands of casinos.

Top 10 Casinos that offer Monthly Cashback Bonuses
The following list does not pretend to rank the casino’s bonuses in any way, it is just a representation of what we believe are the best casinos that offer these kind of bonuses.


  • MYB Casino: 7% monthly cashback bonus. No wagering requirements.
  • Cleopatra Casino: 15% monthly Cashback bonus. 1xb wagering requirements. Up to €2500.
  • Betbit Casino: 15% monthly cashback bonus. No wagering requirements.
  • Mayan Fortune: 15% monthly cashback bonus. No wagering requirements.
  • FortuneJack Casino: 20% monthly cashback bonus. No wagering requirements.
  • Crypto Thrills Casino: 20% monthly cashback bonus. No wagering requirements.
  • Tiger Casino: 20% monthly cashback bonus. No wagering requirements.
  • Kudos Casino: 25% monthly cashback bonus. No wagering requirements.
  • Spin and Win Casino: 10% to 15% monthly cashback bonus. No wagering requirements. This bonus is a part of a VIP program.
  • UK slots Casino: 1% to 20% monthly cashback bonus. No wagering requirements. This bonus is a part of a VIP program.

Final thoughts and conclusion
At the end of any moth there can be all kinds of bonuses and promotions available for every kind of player and, the experience often varies depending on the casino and what plans they have for their specific kind of players as they can always change their promotions to aim to a different target of players.

 With these types of bonuses every player at a casino can know exactly what to expect at the end of the month, especially if luck was not on their side on that time… On these cases, all the players at a casino can have something to look forward to help them start the new month with the right foot.

If you currently liked the monthly cashback bonuses, you might also be interested in our weekly cashback and daily cashback casino promotions; you can check them on our “Bonuses section” or on our “Filter by bonus” section at the top of this page.
Cashback bonuses are the best way to get some of your lost money back, and as they are commonly part of a VIP program you will get them every month automatically when you lose. You can think of the cashback bonuses as an insurance that will only kick if you lose.

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