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Sports Betting Books

Sports betting is a type of betting where participants are trying to predict the outcome of sports matches and other sports events. They are placing wagers on the results. This is a popular form of betting practiced around the globe. It is interesting that people were practicing sports betting since ancient time. There are records that have confirmed that people were placing bets on the ancient Olympic Games and on gladiator events in Ancient Rome.

sports betting books

Modern bettors have an opportunity to place wagers on many different sports. From American football and baseball to soccer, hockey and basketball, people are placing bets on a daily basis on dozens of events. As the popularity of this form of gambling is increasing, the available sports events that you can place bets on are increasing too. There are many bookmakers and casinos where you can place bets on matches in lower divisions from many different countries in the world. In addition, you can place different kinds of bets – Asian handicap, number of points, exact score, final outcome etc.

There is no doubt that there is a certain level of luck involved in betting. However, this is definitely not a game of chance. The information you have about the specific sports event and your strategy and experience can affect your success rate. Even though the motivation and current form of the participants has an impact too, you can improve your play by learning more about sports betting in general.

People can use a wide range of tools that can help them become more successful bettors. For example, they can subscribe to sites where they can get access to daily betting tips. They can also take classes or read columns. But, if you are serious about becoming a successful bettor, you should take sports betting books into account.

What are Sports Betting Books and Why Do You Need Them?

Sports betting books are educational books created for helping beginner and advanced bettors. As one of the oldest activities of this kind, it’s quite logical that there are many sports betting books out there and some of them are very old. On top of that, sports betting is becoming more popular thanks to the Internet and these books are in demand.

It’s good to point out that not all of these books are the same. Some of these books are focused on helping players become familiar with the betting terms. They act as glossaries or dictionaries. This is not a surprise because there are many different terms used in this world and they can be quite confusing for beginners.

Furthermore, there are books that serve as basic guides for beginners. They are helping future bettors understand how betting works, what are the basic things that you should look for and how they can become profitable players in the long run.

There are also sports betting books for more advanced players. For instance, some of them are covering complex topics like arbitrage betting. Others are providing details about the different betting systems that players can use. Of course, there are also sports betting books dedicated to specific sports – football, soccer, rugby, baseball, hockey, handball, horse racing or even on specific leagues like NBA, NCAA, NFL etc.

If you want to save some time, we highly recommend checking our list of top sports betting books. We have tried to include books that belong to different categories.

Smart Sports Betting by Matt Rudnitsky

Smart Sports Betting book by Matt Rudnitsky

Matt Rudnitsky is a popular US sportswriter. A few years ago, he has decided to use his knowledge and experience to create a relatively small sports betting book (106 pages) – Smart Sports Betting. It seems that his book is related to his own experience because as he says “the book is dedicated to people who have the knowledge, but don’t have luck in sports betting”. He prepares the readers with the possible problems and obstacles and explains that this is not an easy activity. With the help of this book, readers will get a comprehensive lesson in betting on sports in general, but the main focus is placed on the NFL. So, if you are betting on football, you should not miss this book. In addition, there is a part in the book where the author explains the NFL statistics and analytics and quotes different experts. What is really special is that this book is written in an understandable language even for complete beginners.

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The Smart Money by Michael Konik

The Smart Money book by Michael Konik

Although this is more an autobiographic book, it seems that the Smart Money can help bettors more than many self-proclaimed “ultimate guides to sports betting”. Michael Konik is a well-known gambling writer. For many years he was playing casino games like poker and blackjack, but after a while, he decided to give sports betting a try. He was part of a betting operation that made him a millionaire. He explains all the details that have helped him become rich thanks to sports betting. Obviously, he started with smaller bets, but after a while, he didn’t hesitate to place million dollars on a single sports event. This is an excellent motivational book that can help players understand the role of discipline and smart decisions in the world of betting.

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Beat the Sports Books by Dan Gordon

Beat The Sportsbooks book by Dan Gordon

It is always a good idea to read books written by experienced writers who actually had success in this field. Dan Gordon is a good example of an author like this. For many experts, he is one of the best football handicappers of all time. In this sports betting book, he is revealing some secrets and strategies that can help players boost their bankroll. But, keep in mind that this book is focused on one specific sport and league – NFL football. According to the author, much of the information found in the book is found exclusively in this book. The 40 chapters of this book are covering all the basic concepts of betting and provide advice on proper betting on underdogs, favorites, beating point spreads and many other useful tips.

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Gambling Wizards: Conversations with the World’s Greatest Gamblers by Richard Munchkin

Some people believe that a person should try many different things in their life before they realize what their purpose is. This is probably what Richard Munchkin was doing most of his life because he was a blackjack dealer, a gambler, a writer and a film producer. Most of his life was focused on gambling and this book is one of his most successful projects. Even though it’s not exclusively related to sports betting, it contains helpful information. This is actually a compilation of interviews with successful players. One of the interviews is with a successful race bettor. What readers like about this book is the fact that Munchkin is asking the right questions for those who want to become better players. There are certainly a lot of things that one can learn from this book.

Mathletics by Wayne Winston

You can tell by the name of this book that it’s different. This is a very fun and easy to read book that contains educational material. Before we go into details, let us mention that Wayne Winston is an operations research specialist. He also works as a professor of business. What’s different about this book is that Winston takes a different view on sports betting. He is using mathematics to help players find probability and statistical patterns. It is obvious that the odds play an important role in the process of betting and Winston is here to explain how things work. Keep in mind this book is more about the mathematics and less about betting but it does have a relationship.

Fixed-Odds Sports Betting by Joseph Buchdal

Now here’s a great sports betting book which is ideal for serious bettors. Keep in mind that this book is not as easy to read as other books on this list. On the pages of this book, Joseph Buchdal explains different betting concepts including over-round, Asian handicap, bankroll building and strengthening and more. In case you are ready to analyze the betting system you are practicing and to figure out where you can improve this system, this is the right book for you. Just be sure that you are reading it carefully because as we said before there are some complex concepts found in it.

Sharp Sports Betting by Stanford Wong

This is a sports betting book found on many top lists for more than one good reason. Sanford Wong is a very successful bettor and gambler. He started playing as a college student, but today this is his career. In his book, readers will learn new things about literally every aspect of this activity. Parlays, teasers, money lines, totals – these are some of the things that Wong has explained carefully in his book. He teaches readers how to get the most from these concepts. He also explains different basic strategies too.

If you are prepared to invest more in sports betting, you should be prepared to educate yourself and it looks like sports betting books are the perfect tool for that.