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    There are many things that people can do to become good players or to improve their existing skills or knowledge regardless of the casino games they are playing. For example, they can practice more, follow certain strategies, etc. But, according to many experts, one of the best ways to master a casino game is to read a gambling book. There are literally dozens of gambling books on the market (both digital and traditional books). What’s important to remember is that not all of these gambling books are the same. That’s why it’s better to analyze the different kinds of books before buying one. In other words, you have to know what you are looking for before buying a product like this.

    General gambling books vs specific gambling books

    First and foremost, we would like to mention that some of these products are focused on gambling in general. This makes sense because these games have a lot in common. After all, they are all offered in casinos, right? These books are ideal for beginners that want to understand the basics of playing this type of game and find out more about the advantages of this activity. You can learn a lot about money management, common mistakes and general strategies with their help.

    On the other hand, there are gambling books focused on specific games. We have created a special section that includes different categories based on the games – blackjack, slots, video poker, roulette, poker, sports betting, bingo, and lottery games. Generally speaking, these games are good for those who want to focus on specific games or they have already spent some time playing them and simply want to improve their skills in order to win more frequently. You should take your current level of knowledge and your goals into account before you make a decision.

    Books for beginners vs books for experienced players

    Not every book is valuable to all players. For example, there are many books that were designed to help players become familiar with the different terms and rules in casino games. If you have played poker successfully for a few years, you definitely don’t want to read something that will teach you what a poker hand is and how and when to call or raise. However, if you are new to this world and you are trying to become a serious player, books like this can definitely be helpful. The authors of these gambling books for beginners have the needs and requirements of beginner players in mind when they are creating these guides.

    On the other hand, if you have been playing a certain game or a few games for a relatively long period of time and you know the rules inside and out, you should look for books written for advanced players or professionals. You can always learn more about any game, especially the ones that require strategies and skills to win like poker for example. Most of these books were written by experts in this field and many of them have won global tournaments and/or significant prizes. It’s good to read about new strategies and tactics and try to implement them in your play.

    eBooks vs traditional books

    There’s no significant difference between these two kinds of books. Even though many of the gambling books were released way before the Internet has emerged, most of them can have electronic versions. In addition, the latest eBooks are often printed, so you can find in a traditional form too. So, it’s really up to you – you can choose any of these types of books and still get useful information.

    With a traditional book, you can get that special feeling provided by the paper. You can also share the book with other players, look at illustrations and images, skip chapters quickly, and you don’t need a computer or tablet to read them. On the other hand, eBooks are cost-effective, you can get access to hundreds of gambling books with an eBook reader, they are easy to read, you can bookmark or highlight parts, and use in-built dictionaries and encyclopedias. Evaluate these things and try to understand which option is better for you.


    While we are talking about gambling books, we should mention the themes. Obviously, the main theme is gambling, but not all of these books are the same. For example, there are fiction books where some aspects of gambling are mentioned, but there’s another story that involves characters and side stories. You can learn a few things from these books, but they are mostly used for entertainment purposes.

    If you want to improve your game, then you should look for books that are created for this purpose. As we have already mentioned, there are a few subtypes of these books like books for beginners, advanced players, professionals, etc. Some of them are focused only on online players while others provide advice to players that prefer land-based casinos and gambling facilities. We should also mention that there’s a difference when players play on tournaments or prefer single games and many authors in this field are well-aware of this difference create special books for these categories of gamblers. What’s really interesting is that some of these authors are writing books for things that are linked with playing games of this kind in a very special way. For example, there are books that can help you learn how to become a more disciplined player. You can also learn how to become a more aggressive player or a player with strong mental health. This makes sense because many of these games are complex and require much more than pure luck to win.

    Selecting the right gambling book

    As previously mentioned, brief research will show that there are dozens if not hundreds of gambling books present on the market today and their number is growing. Reading all these books is impossible and probably now worth your time because many of them are created by shady authors who are looking for a way to make profit without providing anything useful to the readers. To get the right book, you have to take a few things into account. Basically, you have to check what these books are offering and figure out whether you need a product like that or not.


    Before we start analyzing what makes a good book, we must mention the authors. The good thing is that most of the authors are experienced players. They have been gambling for many years and as a result of that, they have decided to share their experience in a written form with other players. So, when you are searching for a good gambling book, you should spend some time reading about the writer. Obviously, an author that doesn’t provide a bio and an author that you can’t find any information for, is not a good choice.

    The best books are created by seasoned players that have won many games and tournaments. Remember that some of these books are written by professors and experts in mathematics or other related fields and these books are usually helpful too. Just make sure that they are written in a language that’s easy to understand.


    If you are a new player, you should opt for a solution that will help you understand the basics. Find a good, thorough gambling guide. With the best options, you will be able to learn how to analyze the odds, how to play the games and how to place educated bets. The basic objective here is to minimize the risk of losing money and maximizing the profit.


    Those of you interested in general gambling books should check the versatility of the title they are interested in reading. By versatility, we mean two things. First and foremost, the book should cover all aspects of gambling and provide useful information about what players can expect when they are playing specific games. The most popular gambling books of this kind will show you how to create a strategy that you can start using right away. Remember that basic books about gambling that are promising players millions are usually useless books that should be avoided. It’s much better to focus on books that offer long-term strategies.


    Even the best players with years of experience can have a bad day and make a mistake or two. That’s part of the gambling process. However, thanks to the best gambling books, you should be able to learn how to identify the most common mistakes and avoid them. That’s very useful when it comes to beginners because they will find out how to keep their bankroll safe and get information about the decision-making process.

    Money management

    People like to gamble for different reasons, but for most of them, it’s all about the money. One of the reasons why it’s highly recommended to buy and read gambling books is that these books often teach players how to manage their money in the right way. By reading these books, you should be able to figure out how to set a budget and how to stick to that budget. You can also find the best betting options and create a realistic plan about potential earnings and/or losses.

    Poker books

    In this guide focused on gambling books, we must dedicate a section to poker books. The reason why we are doing this is simple – poker is among the most popular games today. On top of that, unlike many other games like roulette, lottery, bingo or slots, poker is not a simple game of chance. As we all know, it takes more than luck to win at a poker table. Players need knowledge and skills too and this covers the most influential poker books in history too. 

    One of the most popular forms of poker books is the one created for beginners. They are often called poker handbooks and are ideal for all kinds of players. With their help, you will find out more about the history of this popular game, the basic rules and different types of poker games. Thanks to these books, you will get familiar with the most common mistakes, practices, and facts in the most played types of poker.

    There are also many poker books that are focused on game techniques. As we said before, to excel at poker, you need luck, but above all skill, knowledge, and strategy. Writers that were inspired by game techniques will teach players how to get the most from specific situations, hide their emotions and moves, and how to take advantage of the circumstances. Most of them are highlighting the importance of discipline, patience, and persistence. These books are perfect for serious players that want to learn more about the psychology of players and how it affects the results of poker games. Obviously, psychology plays a very important role in these games which is why so many people love poker.

    While we are talking about poker books, we should also mention the ones focused on tournaments. It turns out that it’s one thing to play poker in a single game and to play at tournaments. What’s special about these books is that they are usually written by true experts and professionals because pro players are usually the ones that are participating in the tournaments. Some of them have special sections about the most popular poker tournaments and teach players what they can expect at these tournaments. They will also show you the difference between different kinds of tournaments like multiplayer, sit ‘n go, etc.

    Finally, when it comes to poker books, one should decide whether they will play online poker or poker in land-based casinos or poker rooms before buying a book. The truth is that there are cases when books can help you in both cases, but there are books that are dedicated to one of these specific forms of poker. This makes sense because there are some differences between them like the opportunity to bluff when you are playing poker and you are physically present at the table.

    Popular Gambling Books

    Even if you are not planning on becoming a professional player, gambling books can be quite fun and enjoyable. Obviously, we can say this only for the best and most popular gambling books. At CasinoBonusesNow, we have reviewed a few gambling books that are definitely worth reading. We have included reviews of gambling books about different games.

    First of all, we have reviewed Blackjack for Blood by Bryce Carlson. The book was released in 2001. The same author has created a few other books focused on gambling. In this case, he is explaining the Omega II Card Counting System that can help players win more frequently at different variants of blackjack. The book is written in a way that makes it valuable for both beginners and experts.

    Next on the list, we have Video Poker for the Intelligent Beginner by Bob Dancer. As the title suggests, this book is perfect for beginners who want to master video poker. Bob Dancer is one of the most successful video poker players of all time and he published this book in 2009. By reading this book, new players should be able to understand how video poker games work and what’s the best way to win this game. It’s good to know that there’s a special section focused on the process of finding video poker games with the highest RTP.

    Professional Blackjack by Stanford Wong is another popular gambling book that you will find reviewed on our website. This gambling author’s real name is John Ferguson and he has created a few gambling books in the last four decades. Professional Blackjack is definitely his most successful work. It was released back in 1975, but despite that, it’s still relevant and useful even when it comes to online blackjack. In this book, you will find an explanation about how to win at blackjack more frequently. You can read about an efficient winning system and get familiar with a few other complex and helpful systems too. Remember that this book doesn’t promote semi-legal techniques that might lead to bans at casinos.

    Finally, we have Texas Hold’em Odds & Probabilities by Matthew Hilger. Obviously, this is a book for all poker players especially the ones that fancy Texas Hold’em. Written by another well-established gambling author, this book provides answers to many important questions. If you read this book carefully, you will learn how to calculate the odds of winning based on the poker hand held by other players, find out when to call and when to raise and many other things that will affect your success at the poker table. What people will understand with this book is that you don’t need special math knowledge to evaluate the odds and probabilities and make sound decisions while playing Texas Hold’em poker.

    We hope that our reviews and guides will help you find the best gambling books. Reading these books will take you one step closer to success. Take some time, do some research and find the best option for you.