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Rival Gaming Affiliate Programs & Affiliate Software Backend

Find all Rival Gaming affiliate programs that use the Rival Gaming affiliate software and backend platform.

Rival Gaming software provider was founded in 2006 and was introduced on GiGse. Founded by several developers, artists, and entrepreneurs who were interested in the online gaming world. 

From a small company, Rival Gaming has become a major player in the online gaming world, and currently has more than 260 self-developed games in its portfolio, which are available on computers and mobile devices as well. 

In addition to all these games, Rival also introduced i-Slots, a type of game that allows the player to go through a storyline that mimics real life, and where the graphics are constantly changing. 

In addition to the great number of games, Rival Gaming has also created a casino platform, also known as the Casino Controller. This platform has unique features such as a fantastic backend where users can access real-time in-depth reports. 

One of the leading features of this platform is a feature called ClassAct. With it, users can create rules themselves that allow them to target specific players, as well as other types of rules. Rival Gaming also offers a turnkey solution for users who want it. With this solution, users can focus on marketing, while Rival's platform will do everything from back to front end, from the beginning to the player lobby. At Rival Gaming company, they say they can do everything mentioned above within a month, so you can start as soon as possible with your online gaming business. 

This company works with more than 50 casino clients, can be used in 11 languages, and has one of the best customer support through the live chat with their new proprietary chat software. 

All this tells us that Rival Gaming is a professional company, where they take their business very seriously. Therefore, if you want to start an online gaming business, this may be the company you should contact.