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Crystal Slot Affiliate updated Dec 17, 2019

From the Crystal Slot Affiliate Website:

In a casino you can earn not only by playing! Become our partner and feel it! Crystal Slot online casino gives everyone such an opportunity. Casino affiliate program - what is it for? For example, do you want to increase the profitability of your site? Get extra income? To receive money not only for referrals from your site, but also for actions that the user takes many hours later, after visiting your resource, the Crystal Slot casino affiliate program will help to fulfill all these desires. Earn money by attracting players to the Crystal Slot online casino! Affiliate casino is a guarantee that you can get 50% of the profits online casino Crystal Slot brought by each user who went to our site from yours. Even if a user, having gone from your site, is registered only a few months later, we will determine “whose” this user is by the unique code that marks all the advertising products. The player attracted by you is “assigned” to you once and for all! This is how an honest casino affiliate program works.