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Admiral Romania Affiliates Review

Rev Share: 10% - 0%
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Admiral Romania Affiliates updated Nov 23, 2019

From the Admiral Romania Affiliates Website:

There are 3 types of commission deals: CPA (Cost Per Acquisition), Revenue Share and Hybrid deals. Each has a variety of criteria which a deal can be based and the amount that would be rewarded to partners. Below are the definitions CPA: is a one-time occurrence for payment toward a referred player. It is typically based on an action of a referred player be it a Registration, a New Depositing Player or even a New Player who staked an amount of money. Once the criteria are met then the partner is awarded amount of money for that action based on the commission reward amount set for it. Revenue Share: is a percentage based commission deal of the revenue generated from the referred players. There are certain deductions which are applied after the generated revenue. After which the percentage basis is applied and the amount of commission is awarded to the partner. For a break-down of the Revenue Share calculations please see ‘How is Revenue Share commission calculated’. Hybrid: is a combination of both CPA and Revenue Share simultaneously applied to a partners’ referred player’s actions. This commission deal is only available to long standing partners who provided good business.